My recent paintings and some exciting news!

Hi, just thought I'd share with you today some of my recent artwork! First off we have a triptych of sheep in oils: These paintings were done simultaneously from the same palette, something I had not done before which was quite a challenge but I really like the results. The canvases are all 8 x… Continue reading My recent paintings and some exciting news!


Bug painting

I have been doing a lot more detailed paintings recently, trying to achieve more hyper realistic effect. Here is one of my most recent paintings, it is based on a close up photograph of a grass hopper. Here is the photograph it is based upon: The photograph is by photographer Levon Biss (You can see… Continue reading Bug painting


What I’ve been up to PART 2: Blackburn Artists society

Over the past few months I have been attending the Blackburn Artists society on Thursday Evenings. Each week we are given a "theme" to work with from chickens to sky scrapers and we've recently been out on location drawing the amateur dramatics society during a live dress rehearsal! I've really loved attending Blackburn artists society… Continue reading What I’ve been up to PART 2: Blackburn Artists society


Custom Paintings at RRandJ Designs

Did you know that I do custom paintings at RRandJ Designs? Here are some examples of custom paintings I have done for others... This is a watercolour of a Eurasian Jay that I did for a lovely customer who found me via my Instagram page ( Find rrandjdesigns on Instagram: HERE) This is a watercolour… Continue reading Custom Paintings at RRandJ Designs


Toucan Painting

I have been doing a lot of water colour painting recently, so I decided for a change I would do a large acrylic painting. I had the idea to do some kind of tropical bird, I thought maybe a parrot or a flamingo, but whilst browsing images on Pinterest I spotted a photograph of a… Continue reading Toucan Painting