MMD Page a day challenge Jan 2022

MMD Page a day 10.01.22

10th of January 2022 In today's journal entry I have used the little circles from inside my hole punch to make a background of multi coloured spots! This is then covered by a sheet of laminate which has copper confetti pressed in between the leaves of laminate. I have finished it off with the word… Continue reading MMD Page a day 10.01.22


MMD page a day 08.01.2022

Today's journal entry has a flower fairy vibe. . Not really sure what my fairy is doing…. much like me I suppose! ⁠⁠When it comes to journaling, even if you haven't got a clue what you're doing just have a go anyway! It doesn't have to mean anything in particular, or have a theme or… Continue reading MMD page a day 08.01.2022


MMD Page a day, 7th Jan 2022 PLUS New You Tube video!

07.01.22 One week of 2022 has gone already! Can you believe it?! To calm myself down I've based todays mini journal page on cats in honour of my little furry friend Holly who is a very good companion indeed. There's nothing more relaxing than sitting with a little, warm purring cat on you lap. (when… Continue reading MMD Page a day, 7th Jan 2022 PLUS New You Tube video!


6.01.22 #mmdpageaday⁠

06.01.22 #mmdpageaday⁠⁠Today's journal entry is based on books and reading.Read any good books lately? I'm currently reading "The Dirty South" by John Connolly. If you love crime and the supernatural I can highly recommend the Charlie Parker detective series by John Connolly.⁠⁠Why not create a journal page inspired by a book you love!?⁠ I used… Continue reading 6.01.22 #mmdpageaday⁠


05.01.22 page a day

05.01.22 page a day.⁠ Bonus! I have filmed how I made today's journal page!⁠I love bees. For the past few years we have had a bumble bee nest in the bird house in our back garden. I find them fascinating to watch. You can find lots of bee symbols scattered about my home from jewellery… Continue reading 05.01.22 page a day


Mushroom Moon Designs page a day 04.01.2022!

mushroom moon designs page a day 04.01.2022!⁠⁠Today's entry has vintage vibes, plus a bit of peacock action. I have a soft spot for peacocks, my wedding was peacock themed and I still love the vibrant jewel toned colours found in their majestic feathers.⁠


Moving away from Facebook and Instagram

I'm coming off Instagram and Facebook again and attempting to migrate away from Whatsapp, so I'd love for you all to continue following me here on the blog where I will continue to share my art work. If you are journaling along with my mushroom moon designs page a day challenge over on Instagram then… Continue reading Moving away from Facebook and Instagram


Page-a-day 29th December- 2nd Jan 2022

Hi everyone, welcome to Mushroom Moon Designs page a day where I have challenged my self to create a mini art journal page every day during the Month of January! (Yes, I did start in December....) This challenge has migrated over from Instagram. In my next blog post I will explain why I have decided… Continue reading Page-a-day 29th December- 2nd Jan 2022


Mushroom Moon Designs Page A Day

Happy New Year to all! To start off 2022 with our creative juices flowing I started a mini journal page a day challenge. Throughout January I am attempting to create a mini journal page every day! These journal pages are quick and intuitive, sometimes messy and always fun! I'd love it if you could join… Continue reading Mushroom Moon Designs Page A Day