Jumbo sewing themed Journal *SOLD*


Here is my latest journal. It is a Hard backed journal with a fabric cover and a Sewing and needle craft theme. This large journal contains three signatures, with approx 114 pages all together, front and back. The pages consist of tea and coffee dyed lined and un-lined papers, grid paper, vintage 1930’s sewing book pages, envelopes, fabric pages plus much more.

Inside you will find plenty of space to store items for your needlework projects, space to write notes, stick photos and inspirations and to keep patterns, fabric swatches or just use it as something beautiful to display in your craft room!- whatever your crafty heart desires!

It also includes samples of fabric, thread, ribbon, sequins, buttons and needle craft accessories such as giant safety pins, a measuring tape, stitch counters and more surprises!

This is a very chunky journal measuring 15 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm. It includes tags and pockets, envelopes and tuck spots all with a vintage sewing theme. The cover fabric is vintage Cowboy themed fabric for a cute vintage aesthetic.

This Journal is for sale!


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