Mushrooms on Mushroom Moon Designs!

This week on Mushroom Moon Designs we are going to be exploring Mushrooms!

There are so many amazing mushrooms and fungi in the world and I for one am fascinated by them. I love walking through the woods and spotting a hidden toadstool in the soft Earth or a balcony of mushrooms perched on the side of a tree.

Mushrooms signify magic to me, they remind me of the world of fairies and folk tales, they transport me back to my childhood when I would be convinced that fairies lived in the trees or in little toadstool houses.

Mushroom moon designs

Whatever mushrooms mean to you it can’t be denied that they are fascinating, both beautiful and grotesque, a sign of life and of decay.

Mushroom Moon Designs

I have created these artworks inspired by mushrooms and Fungi using mixed media drawn into gel plate mono-printed backgrounds interlaced with collage!

Mushroom Moon Designs

This week on my Instagram and Facebook pages we will be exploring these artworks! On Saturday please head over to my You Tube account and watch my craft with me where you can see these artworks being made!

And on Sunday be sure to return to this blog for this weeks Sunday Freebie! who knows, it may be a mushroom themed delight!

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