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New Digital Kit Release!

Hi everyone! Today I have released a BRAND NEW digital Junk journal kit over on my Etsy Shop! This New Abstract Digital Junk Journal kit consists of 4 sheets of lined and unlined Landscape oriented papers, 4 portrait-oriented papers, Faux stamps, faux postcard, 2 pocket designs, 2 sheets of labels in two designs and a… Continue reading New Digital Kit Release!

Mixed medium art work

Upcoming exhibition at Blackburn Cathedral

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good 🐣 Easter! In amongst the chocolate egg eating I have been working hard on making two new pieces of work for an upcoming exhibition. 23rd April- 14th May three of my pieces will be exhibited amongst the work of many other talented artists in the Blackburn Artist's… Continue reading Upcoming exhibition at Blackburn Cathedral

Mixed medium art work

A few more little experiments

I really enjoyed making the assemblages with photographs from my family history collection, (if you missed this post you can find it HERE ) so I thought I'd have a break from editing digital images for the Lancashire stories project (find out more HERE) and have another play and experiment with collage, textiles, ink, paint… Continue reading A few more little experiments

Mixed medium art work

Mixed medium assemblages

Today I am sharing with you a recent body of work I created which consists of several mixed medium assemblages. Assemblage is art that is made by assembling disparate elements – often everyday objects – scavenged by the artist or bought specially These pieces were created using various mediums- collage, alcohol inks, acrylic paints, textiles… Continue reading Mixed medium assemblages

MMD Page a day challenge Jan 2022

The final MMD Page a day 31.01.2022

We made it! A page a day for the whole of January 2022! Here is my final entry which is quite foreboding! I love the juxtaposition between the jolly colour scheme and the chilling words and images. I went off the page with this one, adding a flap made up of different paper scraps and… Continue reading The final MMD Page a day 31.01.2022

MMD Page a day challenge Jan 2022

MMD Page a day 30.01.2022

In today's entry I went for an owl theme! I had these images of headless uniformed people so I decided to add this owl head to make a fun Owl general. I used the spotty background just to add more fun and frivolity to the image, and I couldn't resist the crazy eyed owl sticker… Continue reading MMD Page a day 30.01.2022

MMD Page a day challenge Jan 2022

MMD Page a day 28.01.2022

In today's entry I went for an anthropomorphic bird theme! I used found images of birds dressed up as humans for the background and added a vellum pocket in which I stuck this delightfully creepy bird man. He looks a bit like he is wearing a plague mask. I then added and distressed the hand… Continue reading MMD Page a day 28.01.2022

MMD Page a day challenge Jan 2022

MMD Page a day 27.01.2022

5 days left of the MMD Page a day challenge! In today's entry I went for a chicken (well cockerel) and egg theme. It's a very simple page but I like the frivolous egg stickers I used. They are backed onto cardboard to make them stand out from the page.

MMD Page a day challenge Jan 2022

MMD Page a day 26.01.2022

In today's journal entry I created the background using acrylic paint pens. I masked over the image using acrylic gesso and then used some fun stickers of these acrobatic vintage style men reaching over the heart shaped void to each other. I then just added some marks using pens.