My recent art work 

Hi, just thought I’d share with you some of the art work I have been doing recently!

First up is a pencil drawing of a gnome…


Gnome- in progress

Then the bird obsession begins with this Pheasant. I went to one of my art group members houses and they had Pheasants roaming around the garden quite tame and it inspired me to do a painting.

Pheasant- watercolor

That was quite difficult- it’s very hard to do feathers and the intricate markings on these beautiful birds, so I had a go at painting a feather for practice.

Peacock feather- watercolour
Peacock feather detail

Then I had a go at this cheeky quail picture- this one is my favourite!

cheeky quail watercolour

After that I challenged myself to a multi bird painting- this one was hard going.

Parrot painting- watercolour
Parrot detail


Parrot in progress


Parrott in progress 2

And today I had a go at his crow.

Hope you liked having a sneak peek into my sketch book!









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