As you may have noticed I haven’t written a blog post for a while. On top of that my self imposed reading challenge has gone out of the window! But all is not lost! In my absence I have been busy painting, designing, photographing, drawing, sticking, gluing and generally sprinkling all in glitter.

As well as attempting to make all my own personal Christmas cards this year over the past few months I have started two little businesses with the intent of selling my art work and designs!

My first outlet is through a website called Redbubble.

Redbubble is a website that lets artists from all over the world upload their work and designs. These designs are then available through Redbubble on all sorts of products from T-shirts, to clocks.

redbubble, t-shirt, rrandj
Redbubble RRandJ designed Gin-gle all the way T-shirt available at my Redbubble store!


The customers pay for the items through Redbubble, and the artist gets paid a percentage of the sale for the use of their design. It helps artists become recognised and sell their work without the costs of production and manufacture.

Here are just some of the examples of designs and products available from my Redbubble shop!

Handmaid’s tale inspired I-pad case
Free yourself, framed print
Grow a pair! Ovaries Note book
Crooked! The Joker and Riddler inspired lap top sleeve
Shy, the floral hedgehog clock



My other shop is via this website. Click HERE to see what I have for sale currently.

RRandJDesigns   (which stands for Rachel, Robin and Joe designs) sells original artwork and paper products all hand made and originally painted by me!

A lot of love, time and effort goes into my artwork and I am really proud of the work I produce- piece is original, no two pieces are the same.

ho ho ho Christmas  card
zodiac greetings cards- Capricon
blue hydrangea greetings card 



Winter tree acrylic painting 




Fuchsia, original, acrylic painting on small canvas


close up of masked out area (ho ho ho) and salt patterns

Did you know you can contact me for custom work? If you would like me to paint something for yourself or for a gift, whether it be a canvas painting or some hand painted party invitations, a book mark or a greetings card or even a mural on your bedroom wall  please contact me

or visit my RRandJDesigns facebook page!  

Or send me an email at rachelteresacrawshaw@gmail.com.

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