What’s going on at RRandJ Designs? #art #createlongridge #extraordianrywomen

There has been a lot going on over here at RRandJ Designs, but just as a quick reminder don’t forget my nieces and nephews, AKA the FAB FIVE have been getting ready for there awesome adventure climbing Snowden to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust – please support there efforts HERE!

Sarah, Mum to the Fab Five!

In other news, I have been hard at work preparing for various events! As you may have seen my RRandJ Designs Etsy Shop is on holiday until August. This is because my art work and cards are on display and for sale at Longridge Library in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire throughout July. If you are in the area please feel free to go and have a look!


Framed paintings, mono prints and original canvas art works are for sale as well as bookmarks and greeting cards all handmade and painted by me.

Also in July I am taking part in Create Longridge a wonderful event in Longridge where artists set up in a three mile radius of Longridge town centre and paint in public for the chance to win a £2000 prize and sell there art work at Longridge art gallery.

Me and my friend Tracey are taking part this year and you can find us painting at Longridge Library on the 14th July! It’s sure to be a fantastic and inspirational day out in Longridge for participants and visitors with many fringe events going on alongside the create Longridge competition!

I will be spending the last few days before the event practising and thinking of ideas!

In addition to this I have been working hard on creating three paintings for an open exhibition at Clitheroe Castle Steward’s Gallery  with the theme “extraordinary women”

Here are the three paintings I have entered, I will find out if any of my paintings have been accepted to be exhibited in the coming weeks.

“ice cream”

Here is my artists statement for the series:

I am interested in how human bodies, particularly women’s bodies, fat bodies, trans bodies, people of colour, postpartum bodies and disabled bodies are viewed by Western Society and culture. These paintings reference Virgie Tovar an author, activist and leading expert on fat discrimination and body image. The portraits show a fat woman of colour celebrating her body, taking up space, enjoying food and expressing her sexuality- all things which are rarely seen or are openly discouraged in Western society. In a culture where thin, white, able bodies are presented as the ideal and the norm I have attempted to create works that question what and who is seen as worthy and valuable in contemporary Western society. I use bright colours, sequins, glitter and mixed media to create counter cultural art works to showcase bodies that are not usually celebrated and highlight the beauty in people that society has otherwise deemed flawed.

You can read some of Virgie Tovar’s writing HERE.

I have also been continuing to create work for my Redbubble account which you can find HERE.

At Redbubble you can buy my art work on a range of goods such as T-shirts, clocks, cushions, cups, phone cases and more- great gift ideas for you and your loved ones!



You can also check out what I have been up to with my art on my RRandJ Designs instagram page at  http://www.instagram.com/rrandjdesigns


And DON’T FORGET to Donate, support and share the FAB FIVE’s Snowden challenge for the CF Trust CLICK HERE!!!! 

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