Vintage style Recipe Journal

recipe journal 1

Here is my hand made vintage style recipe journal! It measures 12.5 cm x 18 cm and is quite chunky at 8 cm deep. recipe journal 2

The cover is sturdy card and is decorated with recipe pages from newspapers and magazines that have been aged with gold paint. It fastens with twine and has a cute vintage Arm and Hammer baking soda image on the front.recipe journal 3

Inside you can find plenty of tuck spots and pockets made out of tea bags! Plus lots of ephemera and recipe cards.recipe journal 4

There’s oodles of space to write your own recipes, and envelopes and pockets to store family recipes and your fave recipes you cut out from magazines. It contains lots of recipe cards that you can write your recipes on back and front.recipe journal 5

It also contains recipe cards that have a recipe on the front but plenty of space on the back to write notes or recipes of your own. recipe journal 6

There are pockets and tuck spots that are sturdily sewn in to the journal.recipe journal 7

You can also find little treats such as cake toppers tucked in to some of the pockets, ready for you to decorate your own cupcakes!recipe journal 8

There are lots of interesting details such as vintage images and grocery lists to add charm to the journal.recipe journal 9

The pages of the journal are made from recipe pages from magazines and newspapers, tea stained envelopes, tea stained paper and paper bags, making this book an up-cyclers dream! recipe journal 10recipe journal 11recipe journal 12

If you like this journal it is for sale! please click below!

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