What is a junk journal anyway?

As you may have noticed I have really gotten into making junk journals recently, and some of you may be wondering what exactly they are and what they can be used for.

recipe journal 2

So here’s a quick run down of what a junk journal is and what you can do with one!

What is it?

Essentially a junk journal is a book made up of recycled and found materials, and traditionally they are used to store all your “junk” in! Its a place where you can store all your paper bits, photographs, tickets and memories, quotes and more! A bit like a junk draw for your paper life.

They can also be referred to as heirloom journals- books that can become heirlooms, kept, passed on and looked at for generations to come.


What can you use it for?

A junk journal can be used for so many things! Just like every junk journal is different and can be personalised to its owner, it’s uses are limitless and depend very much on the journal owners preference!

But if you are still struggling for ideas, here’s a few ideas of how you can use yours and what you can put in your junk journal.

  • As an Every day journal- writing about and recording the details of everyday life
  • A gratitude journal- writing down all the things you are grateful for
  • Memories- storing memories from different events in life like weddings, babies first year etc
  • Art journal- draw, paint or collage your way through your journal
  • Photograph album- a great way to store and display precious photographs
  • Collection storage- Do you love vintage postcards? Collect stamps? Need somewhere to store all your gig tickets or wine bottle labels? Junk journals are a great place to collate your collections!
  • Travel journal- take it away with you and collect ephemera and memories from your travels that you would otherwise forget
  • Garden journal- record all your gardening projects, seed packets and inspiration
  • Christmas journal- a place to write down memories, naughty and nice lists, thank you card lists, keep your receipts
  • christmas journal rrandj 6
  • Theme book- do you love Alice in Wonderland? Dr Who? Birds of the world? Wild flowers? Pick a theme and go to town with a junk journal storing all the info, pictures and ephemera from your chosen theme.
  • Quotations book- a great place to write down all those quotes that you love.
  • To- do lists- keep all your to-dos in one place and look back on all you’ve achieved!
  • Hobby journal- love needle work? Train spotting? Bird watching? Cycling? Drinking Gin? Whatever hobby tickles your fancy use your junk journal to store info, write down inspiration, collect facts and record all you’ve achieved with your hobby!
  • Dream diary- put it next to your bed and record your dreams the moment you wake.
  • Vision journal- collect all the inspiration and images that spark joy to you and lead to your vision for your life- much like a mood board.
  • Reading journal- write down all the books you’ve read or would love to read one day
  • Store love letters and relationship bits and bobs that remind you of your loved one.
  • Recipe journal to jot down your favourite meals or to store granny’s secret recipe.recipe journal 1

The list of ideas is endless! But I hope this post has given you some inspiration as to how you can use a junk journal in your life! If you’re interested in purchasing one of my journals click HERE to see what’s currently available for sale, or contact me for more info or commissions!

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