Egg box and medication tub transformation!

Those of you who know us at RRandJ will know that my son Joseph has Cystic Fibrosis. With this condition comes lots and lots of tablets, particularly Creon tablets that he has to take before almost everything that he eats. This means we go through several tubs of creon a week, and that unfortunately equals a lot of packaging. So I thought I’d try and see if I could come up with a use for creon tubs! This could easily be done with any other vitamin or medication bottle or any other small tub with a screw on lid. I also thought i’d use up some other recycling and landed on a big egg box.

To begin I made a flower out of the egg box (I got three flowers out of this egg box but have saved the others for another project). I cut the box up into segments and used three of the egg holder sections (don’t know the technical term!) to make one flower, plus some of the lid to make the centre of the flowers.

I painted the flower with acrylic paints and shaped it whilst it was wet, using a pencil to curl the petals and stuck it together with PVA glue. After the paint dried I added gold paint and gold glitter to the edges of the flower and affixed some paper leaves I had in my stash around the base, some I painted others I just inked up or finished with a bit of gold acrylic to give a weathered effect.

egg box flower 26

Then came the creon bottle transformation. First I washed the tub and soaked off the label. Then I painted the bottle and lid in 3 coats of white Gesso Primer. To follow I painted the tub and lid with Farrow and Ball Estate emulsion in “Jitney.” I decorated the tub further by decoupage using some fussy cut bits I’d collected in the past week from magazines and online. I chose roses and clocks for a vintage feel. I then aged the bottle by applying some texture paste with a stencil, I then painted the whole thing in antique gold acrylic paint and inked it up with black and cocoa brown ink pads and a sponge, finally adding a few more swipes of “Jitney” here and there to add to the distressed look.

To finish I stuck the egg box flower to the lid with hot glue, and also hot glued a beige ribbon and bow around the base of the lid, and stuck on a little paper butterfly. I then aged the ribbon with inks and acrylic paint and I sprayed the finished item with Gloss clear sealer.

egg box flower 27

I really like how it turned out! It could be used as a gift box, storage or just as a decoration! Let me know what you think!

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