Changes to RRandJ.com

Hey there,

If you have been following my personal blog for a while now you will see that recently there have been some changes. mushroommoondesigns.wordpress.com is now RRandJ.com and is a fully fledged website as opposed to a personal blog. In light of these changes a lot of my old content about our family life, food and recipes, Cystic Fibrosis and such has been moved to my personal blog for family and friends and can be found at www.mylemonsoul.wordpress.com  please go and follow this account if you are interested in our little family! I am not currently updating that blog as I am concentrating on RRandJ.com and creating art work, but I will keep you posted with the goings on at mylemonsoul as it is something I’d like to continue in the future.

Here at RRandJ.com you can continue to find all the content that relates to my art work, Journals and paper crafts, you can see what I have for sale, find out my inspirations and see what events and competitions I am up to. You can also contact me for commissions in the form below or via email at rachelteresacrawshaw@gmail.com and click to find links to my instagram, Facebook and Redbubble accounts!

Many thanks for your continued support, you are a vital part of the RRandJ community!


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