Redbubble Artist- Christmas Designs

Did you know that I have a range of Christmas Designs on Redbubble? On my Redbubble site you can buy my Christmas Designs on all sorts of items from Bed Spreads to leggings, phone cases to bath mats!

My most popular Christmas Designs so far have been this Cheeky Robin…



He is a water colour painting and is very festive, I really like how he looks on the Duvet cover set.

Another popular Christmas Image has been this Driving Home for Christmas picture that I drew last year.


I personally used this artwork for my own Christmas cards in 2018 and have used it on several pieces since such as this Christmas Journal that I sold earlier this year.

christmas journal rrandj

I particularly like my alcohol inspired images for Christmas, they would make great alternatives to traditional Christmas jumpers!



And of course you can’t forget the jolly old fellow himself, Santa!


I have the original mixed media canvas of this at home and bring it out as Christmas decor, it’s incredibly glittery and looks great underneath the Christmas lights!

If you are looking for interesting Christmas gifts or fresh and festive ways to decorate your home and person then check out my Redbubble page, more Christmas images to come in the next few weeks!


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