Margaret Brice Designs

Paper crafting, card making, painting, knitting and all things creative run in our family. I’ve been very lucky to receive crafty genes from my Mum, who also received crafty genes from her mother, my Nan, Margaret Brice.

Margaret as a young woman.

Unfortunately Margaret passed away at Christmas last year. But her Crafting and creativity lives on in her children and grand children, and also luckily for us a lot of the things she made she left behind.

I have made these Christmas Cards using some beautiful embroidery and bead work I was given that my Nan had made, plus I used card making supplies and tags that my own Mum gave me and made herself, so these cards are a real family effort!


To finish I used the scraps from these card making projects to create a collage which I will no doubt turn into tags or other projects later on.


Thanks for reading!



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