What I’ve been up to PART 3 – other work.

Here are some pictures I have been working on in my own time at home. I have really been trying to be more accurate with my drawing and have used a lot of pencil and pencil crayons, a medium which I always shied away from before. The coloured pencil pictures take around 4-6 hours to finish, which is a lot longer than I am used to spending on a single drawing but I am really pleased with my progress so far, let me know what you think!


This is a coloured pencil drawing of some “puch and Judy” style puppets. I attempted this at home after my failed attempt at drawing dolls and puppets at the artists society, and am much more pleased with my results!



This picture was like nothing I’ve ever drawn before! I’m not at all religious but the image of “our lady of sorrows” really spoke to me and I just wanted to attempt drawing something different! I did this on black pastel paper with white, grey and brown sketching pencils and like the dramatic effect!


This Rabbit is a preparatory drawing for a piece I am attempting at Blackburn artists with the theme “Rabbits and Hares” The fur on this drawing was very challenging to depict with coloured pencil but I am pleased with my attempt.


This is a pencil sketch attempt at drawing Joseph, for some reason I find it very difficult to draw Joseph (my son) or Robin (my husband) I was quite pleased with my effort here but still not convinced!

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some of my personal projects!

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