There’s something fishy going on around here…

This morning we had a visit from a  lovely nurse from the community nurse team donning her PPE.

She is the first person who has been in our house (apart from us obviously) for over two months now!

Unfortunately for Joseph it wasn’t a social call, she was here to do his annual review blood tests!

I was a bit nervous about this as in the past he has always been very distressed when having blood taken, but today he did AMAZING. I can’t express how proud I am of him, he just sat there, so brave and had it done, no questions no fuss. Even though the nurse couldn’t get any blood from him at first attempt (in his hand) after prodding around for what felt like forever and must have been quite painful.

Eventually she managed to get the required 7 vials from his arm, and happily went on her way. To celebrate such a good job I gave him the rest of the day off home school and some chocolate buttons.

So while Joe has been busy playing Vikings this afternoon I went and sat outside and did a few sketches of some fishes!


I hope you are all keeping safe and well, a quick Happy Birthday to my Nephew Mark who is 12 today- I hope we can all get together and celebrate all the missed celebrations soon xx

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