Art Therapy ideas for lock down: Colouring Pages

Hey everyone,

It’s a very anxious time at the moment, so I thought I’d share with you some art therapy ideas you can do on your own, with family or with your kids during Lock down over the next few weeks. So get out your colouring pens and lets begin!

This week why not try colouring?! As most people will know by now, colouring is not just for kids, it can help relieve stress in people of any age and is useful for those suffering from dementia, anxiety and depression or just for anybody needing to relieve some boredom!

You can purchase a huge array of adult colouring books online, I really love the books by Johanna Basford such as this…


They can be found in lots of places such as newsagents, The Works or online at Amazon.

You could also support an independent artist by purchasing an adult colouring book or colouring pages from Etsy.co.uk!

Like this three page instant download of key worker colouring pages from RebeccaHJewwllery! Perfect to colour in and stick in your window to show your support for key workers working on the front line during the pandemic. 


There are also hundreds of free colouring pages to download and print out yourself online, like this colouring page from justcolor.net 


Or you can try making your own colouring pages like I did! Using photo editing software or free websites like this website (I used google picassa) I turned this photo of me and Joseph….


…… into a colouring page. 

joe and mummy colouring page

This is a really fun activity for all the family to enjoy! And a great gift idea to send in the post to loved ones! 

Here’s what it looked like after I coloured it in! 


Another activity you can do with your loved ones is to draw each other pictures and the other one has to colour it in! Me and Joseph did it this afternoon, for example I drew this….


and Joseph coloured it in…


And Joseph drew this….


and I coloured it in! 


There’s so many options to choose from, let me know if you give it a try! I’d love to see some of your home made colouring pages! 

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