Creating a mural for Salesbury Church of England primary school using Farrow and Ball Paints

Hi everyone!

For the past few weeks I have been working on a really fun project. Salesbury primary school are changing there old staff room into an Arts and Design studio for the children and I offered to paint a mural for them!

Luckily I have connections with someone who works for Farrow and Ball (Hi Dad!) and they were very generously able to donate the paints for the project which has been amazing!

The school were very trusting and let me make my own choices when creating the mural, all they stipulated was that they wanted it to be colourful. This is music to the ears of artists like me, especially when I had all these delicious paint colours to choose from!

I took inspiration from artists like Matisse and his paper collages:

The artist Mary Ashley who creates fabulous Murals like these:

And Jakarta based illustrator Martcellia Liunic:

Watch the video below and see how I transformed the old, plain white walls into a doodle-tastic explosion of colour!

Thanks for watching and see you again soon!

Rachel x

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