Mixed medium art work

A few more little experiments

I really enjoyed making the assemblages with photographs from my family history collection, (if you missed this post you can find it HERE ) so I thought I’d have a break from editing digital images for the Lancashire stories project (find out more HERE) and have another play and experiment with collage, textiles, ink, paint and found objects to make some more little assemblages.

Take a look at what I created!

This time I went for a slightly different colour scheme and added some wooden ephemera shapes. The textiles used were from old hessian sacks, old denim jeans and pieces of bed sheet dyed and turned into ribbon that I had from precious projects.

The vintage photographs in these pieces are not of people I know, they are just photograph ephemera I had in my collection.

This week I have also been working on some accordion sketch books, I have never made or used sketchbooks like these before but I will be sure to share the results with you.

Speak soon!


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