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Painting Padiham 2022

On Saturday 14th May 2022 Professional and amateur artists took part in the Painting Padiham competition. Painting Padiham is a yearly event in which artists create an image of Padiham or its people in one day.

Artists start the day with a blank canvas (piece of paper, board or whatever substrate they are using) which is stamped to prove that it is blank when starting, and spread out all over the town to start their masterpieces! It’s a great day for all, involving not only local artists, but local businesses, local people including families and children and visitors from far and wide.

I was one of the artists to take place this year and my painting location for the day was the wonderful Picture house gallery in Padiham, owned by Heather Shenton, one of the main organisers of the event.

I painted an oil painting of the back streets of Padiham which you can see here:

My Painting Padiham 2022 entry

The other fabulous artists painting in the picture house gallery that day were Joanna Crawshaw my mother in law and member of Blackburn artists who created a wonderful acrylic snapshot of the local florist:

The florist by Joanna Crawshaw

zoe Marie Art who created a fantastic rendering of Gawthorpe Hall on a very chunky piece of slate;

and Janine MacLean, who produced an incredibly detailed, whimsical and charming pen and ink drawing of two locals preparing for the Queens Jubilee;

Janine Macleans Painting Padiham 2022 entry

I practiced a lot before the day and decided to try a completely different style to my usual. Watch the video below to see how I practiced and prepared for the day!

Yesterday I attended the exhibition opening and prize giving to find out the winners of the competition!

First place went to Daniel Sharples for his contemporary and painterly interpretation of Padiham:

Second place went to Norman long for his textured and impressionistic townscape:

And third place went to Simon Plum for his atmospheric view of Padiham’s back streets:

Last but not least was the people’s choice award in which people could vote for their favourite piece on facebook. Daniel Sharples, this years winner, actually received the majority of the public vote, but as he already received a prize they gave the award to the next most popular who was behind Daniel by only 5 votes. The lovely Rod Walmsley won with this idyllic acrylic scene:

And to my great surprise I was awarded a highly commended certificate of Artistic excellence for my painting along with three other artists. I was very proud to receive my certificate and validation from the judges for my painting not only as I was the only female to get an award on the day, but also because I had tried out a new painting style and had put a lot of work into practicing my new technique.

All the entires for the competition are on display in an exhibition at the Picture House Gallery in Padiham for the next month or so, so if you get chance and you are in the area please go and visit and take a look at the work of all the fantastic artists who took part on the day.

All works are for sale, apart from the winners of the top four prizes, so you could bring home a work of art and a piece of Padiham of your very own!

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