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Paint Garstang 2022

Image taken by Anthony C

Yesterday I took part in the first Paint Garstang plein air (out door) painting competition and I am very excited to announce that I won 2nd prize!

It was a lovely day, the weather managed to hold up well despite predictions of rain and the people of Garstang were incredibly friendly, encouraging and welcoming making the whole experience a fantastic one.

I was joined by several of my friends from Blackburn artist society who all created fantastic work on the day as always! It made the event special to be painting alongside so many other great artists and friends.

I painted the Farmers Arms Hotel, a beautiful black and white building covered in vibrant hanging baskets. It is situated across the road from a lovely old red phone box and I managed to get both the phone box and building in my painting.

The day was a little overcast so I took a reference photo I’d taken on a much brighter morning to give me some inspiration and shadows for my finished painting.

my reference photo

You can head over to Garstang arts Centres’ Facebook page here or to your Garstang Facebook page here to find out more about the event and see lots of photos about the day!

The judge on the day was a professional artist, Daniel Roy Sharples, you can check out his artworks at his website HERE.

Daniel Roy Sharples in action

Here are the other winning paintings, congratulations to all who took part xxx

First prize
Third Prize

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