Cereal Bar box transformation!

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you all a challenge I set myself to use as much of a piece of recycling as possible to make some journal ephemera.

This was a really fun challenge and I succeeded in turning this…..


into this!

mush 923

To do this I cut up the box into segments like so…

mush 3

And set about transforming the pieces into various items- I stuck with a mushroom theme throughout and I love the way all the items co-ordinate!

First I used this piece which is the back of the box folded and cut into two pieces….

mush 5

To make these journal pockets!

mush 6

The pockets can contain items like these tags….

mush 92

which I made from the top of the cereal box….

I then used the triangular shaped bit of the box which forms the opening to make this tuck spot pocket.

To make the miniature note books I used the sides of the box…

I made a large tag with an added tuck spot,  from the other long side of the cereal box….

And I used the little cardboard flaps to make these cute decorative clusters!

mush 915mush 916

I used the last two funny shaped bits of the box to make a pocket with two tuck spots!

And the last piece of the box I used to make some more cute tags!

mush 921mush 922

Why don’t you raid your recycling bag and see what you can make with the treasures inside! Let me know if you give it a go!

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