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New Digital Kit Release!

Hi everyone! Today I have released a BRAND NEW digital Junk journal kit over on my Etsy Shop!

This New Abstract Digital Junk Journal kit consists of 4 sheets of lined and unlined Landscape oriented papers, 4 portrait-oriented papers, Faux stamps, faux postcard, 2 pocket designs, 2 sheets of labels in two designs and a sheet of sentiments using value-based words like “creativity”, “consistency”, “positivity” and “courage”.

Check out my you tube video on how I used this digital kit!

I created these papers using my own artwork. I started the process by creating some prints using a Gel plate mono-printing process. I used acrylic paints, real-life chillies, and mushrooms to feature in the designs. I then drew into these designs with pen and ink.

My original prints
Original print- pre-editing digitally

I then imported my prints onto the computer and edited them digitally to create the Abstract junk journal kit!

If you would like to purchase this printable Junk journal kit, or you are interested in seeing what other Digital supplies are available then head on over to my Etsy Shop now!

Readers who enter the code MUSHROOMBLOG will get 10% off in my Etsy shop from 20.06.2022 until 20.07.2022 so don’t delay, get your digitals from Mushroom moon designs on Etsy today!

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