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Christmas themed sketchbook Workshop!

Hi there! Today I had great fun running an all-day, Christmas themed, sketchbook making workshop for the fabulous Blackburn Artists’ Society.

In today’s workshop, I showed the Blackburn Artists how to make three different sketchbooks using only one sheet of paper in each. We made the pages of the books using different paper folding techniques and then spent many happy hours decorating our sketchbooks with Christmas-themed designs and artwork. If you would like to try out making your own sketchbook, why not check out these videos I made explaining the process!

How to make an accordion fold sketchbook by @mushroommoondesigns
Make a miniature sketchbook with @mushroommoondesigns
Multi-fold sketchbook with @mushroommoondesigns

Take a look at the photos below from today’s workshop to see what we got up to and some of the lovely sketchbooks the artists made!

It was fascinating to see how enthusiastic the artists were in making and decorating their books, with lots of new and interesting ideas, can’t wait to see what artwork they create in the future!

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