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Lancashire Stories Launch Event

Get your free copy at any Lancashire, Blackpool or Blackburn library!

Lancashire Stories: illustrated by me! Rachel Crawshaw

Last night I spoke on a panel for one of the 5 Lancashire Stories launch events. The event I attended was at the beautiful Burnley Library, in the magically decorated children’s library.

I was on the panel with the fabulous authors Sarah Schofield and Susan Evans. Sarah had written one of the short stories for the anthology and Susan had created a short story for the E-book version which includes all the stories from the original book plus five bonus stories.

From left to right, Robin Crawshaw (project manager), Susan Evans (author), Sarah Schofield (author) and Rachel Crawshaw (illustrator)

We had a great time hearing readings of the author’s stories, and finding out more about the origins and ideas behind the tales and the writing process, plus I got to tell readers about the illustration process, where my ideas came from and even gave them a sneak peek at my original submissions for the project.

Sarah Scofield (author) and Rachel Crawshaw- me (illustrator)

It was lovely to have support from friends and family in the audience, including my in-laws, my son, several members of my beloved Blackburn Artists society and Mike from my Friday art group! It was also great to meet up with Sarah Schofield again whom I had met before aboard the Furor Scribendi (the floating library of short stories) where I attended one of her fabulous writing workshops earlier this year. It was great to see so many friendly faces which made the evening a bit less daunting for me, so thanks to all who came!

Big thank you to Robin Crawshaw, my husband and project manager for the Lancashire Stories Anthology (reading development manager for Lancashire County Council) for all his hard work, passion and enthusiasm throughout this project and the 5 launch events. He has done a lot of work behind the scenes and without him and his dedication this book would never have happened.

Also thanks to all the authors for their fantastic stories, it was a joy to illustrate, and thanks to Burnley library and the staff that stayed late to set up and cater for the event, it was a great atmosphere!

Don’t forget you can get your FREE copy of the Lancashire Stories anthology at any library in Lancashire, Blackpool and Blackburn, plus you can download the Lancashire Stories E-book for FREE from Lancashire County Councils Library Service Borrow Box app if you are a member of Lancashire Libraries.

Photo credits go to Adrienne Seed and Pauline Warriner both fabulous artists and members of Blackburn Artists Society xxx

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