Mixed media Collage tags!

I have been loving all things mixed media recently and have just made some tags for my junk journals using collage, sewing and tea stained papers.

collage 1 small tags rrandj

I started the process by making the collage on some sturdy card stock- the card I used is up-cycled from some promotional leaflets but you could use cereal boxes or card stock, whatever you have to hand really.

collage number 1 with logo

Then I got to my collage! This is the really fun bit, using bits of ephemera, old book pages, magazine cut outs, tea stained paper scraps, painted tea bags, masking tape and even an Ikea paper measuring tape I created my collage. I tried to keep to a colour scheme and use up bits of scraps I had from previous projects.

collage 1 close up 3 rrandj

To glue the collage down I used watered down PVA glue and a palette knife but you can use whatever glue and implements you have lying about.

When the collage was totally dry I scanned my collage into the computer so I could use the image at a later date. I made a tag shape template out of some card stock scraps I had, drew around the template on the original collage and cut out the individual tags to my required shape.

collage one tag process rrandj

I then cut up little bits of co-coordinating ribbon (about 1.5- 2 inches) and folded them in half poking out of the top of the tag, sandwiched between some tea stained lined paper.


collage 1 sewing machine rrandj

I then, using zigzag stitch, sewed around each tag securing the ribbon and the tea stained paper to the tag on the sewing machine.

collage one process rrandj

When finished I trimmed round the edges and cut the thread and there you have it! Mixed media collage tags!

collage one tag picture small rrandj

I got six small tags and one large tag out of a 17 cm x 23 cm collage.

collage 1 long tag rrandj

Let me know if you try this at home!

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